Making Crafting Your New Hobby

Hugh Murphy

3 Tips For Using Chainette Fringe As A Decorative Accent in Stage Costumes

Fringe is the perfect decorative accent for stage costumes because it adds a sense of movement and excitement that is picked up on by the audience. The right type of fringe can also create an authentic look for costumes such as flapper dresses that are worn in period pieces. While working with fringe is a fairly simple process once you get started, it helps to know th

3 Tips For Doing Your First Redwork Embroidery Project

Redwork embroidery is an older style of embroidery where red thread is used to create the embroidery. The red thread is usually stitched onto white fabric or another natural-colored or light fabric. The light fabric paired with the red thread helps create a contrast that helps your embroidery stand out. It is a popular technique that is often used by newbies to the em

Have A Precocious Child? Why You Should Introduce Them To CO2 Cars

Some children are very calm and laid back, always following the rules and doing exactly what they are told. Other children have a bit more of a rebellious streak, are quite curious about the world around them and tend to like to explore at every turn. If your child tends to fall more into the second category it's important for you to know how to channel all of that gr

Create Custom Graduation And Party Announcements

Graduating college is a major milestone that your child deserves to be recognized for. Before they enter the workforce, take the time to announce the impending graduation and an informal party at your home by creating custom documents.  Choose The Wording For The Announcements Before you make the graduation and party announcements, you need to decide if any of th

6 Things You Can Do To Minimize The Costs Of Your Painting Project

You need to know how to plan and shop for your painting project so that you minimize costs. Painting can be expensive if you're not careful, but you can minimize the costs of your project by taking advantage of the following six helpful tips. 1. Head to the hardware store frequently to check out mistints that are available Mistints are mixed paints that didn't turn ou