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3 Tips For Doing Your First Redwork Embroidery Project

Redwork embroidery is an older style of embroidery where red thread is used to create the embroidery. The red thread is usually stitched onto white fabric or another natural-colored or light fabric. The light fabric paired with the red thread helps create a contrast that helps your embroidery stand out. It is a popular technique that is often used by newbies to the embroidery craft.

#1 Use an Embroidery Hoop

In order to keep your work stable and tight, which will allow you to stitch the most precise pattern, invest in an embroidery hoop. With an embroidery hoop, you place the area you are working inside of the hoop and clamp the hoop down on the fabric. This will allow you to stretch the fabric and keep it taunt. When the fabric is taunt, it can be easier to work on your embroider project.

#2 Use A Stabilizer for Some Projects

For some projects, it makes sense to use a stabilizer. A stabilizer is a thick type of fabric or backing that you add to the back of the fabric you are working on. This helps make the fabric more stable and strong, especially when dealing with delicate fabrics.

Stabilizers are good for projects such as a doily or a runner, where you are working with more sensitive fabrics. Stabilizers are not as ideal for projects with thicker fabrics, such as a quilt or a wall hanging.

#3 Be Selective with Your Fabric

If you use the right fabric, you will not have to use a stabilizer for the project. If you use heavy-weight cotton fabric or heavy-weight linen fabric, you will not have to use a stabilizer for the project because the fabric will be stable enough on its own. You can also use bottom-weight or suit-weight linens or cottons as well. The good news is that you can find a variety of fabric colors and designs even if you just stick to heavier types of cotton or linen fabrics that will allow you to work on a wide variety of fabrics.

#4 Pre-Wash the Fabric

Always pre-wash the fabric before you use it. This will help ensure that the fabric doesn't shrink after you embroider it. If the fabric shrinks after your embroider it, the embroider will get pulled and will not look how you intended it to look. This can easily be avoided by pre-washing the fabric and then ironing the fabric to get rid of any wrinkles before you begin your redwork embroidery project.