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Create Custom Graduation And Party Announcements

Graduating college is a major milestone that your child deserves to be recognized for. Before they enter the workforce, take the time to announce the impending graduation and an informal party at your home by creating custom documents. 

Choose The Wording For The Announcements

Before you make the graduation and party announcements, you need to decide if any of the recipients are going to be invited to the graduation ceremony and what the party will entail. Some colleges have limited seating at graduation ceremonies, minimizing the amount of people who you can invite to the event.

If you would like some of the recipients, such as close family members, to attend both the graduation ceremony and the party and others to attend just the party, you will need to create two different types of announcements. Write down some details that are going to be added to the announcements. Include the date, time, address, and a contact number for the graduation and party.

If you are going to be providing food and beverages, this information should be noted. Otherwise, you will need to inform each recipient that you would like them to bring a covered dish or dining utensils to the informal gathering. 

Create The Documents

Purchase paper for the documents. You can either use a computer program to create customized announcements, or you can wing it and make some homemade announcements by using a calligraphy pen or fine-tipped marker to write the words you have chosen across each piece of paper.

If you choose to use a computer program, you will save a lot of time and can mass produce the announcements. You can also add a picture or two to each announcement. To do this, simply upload the photographs that you prefer and choose where to place them on the template that is included with the announcement creator program.

After you are satisfied with the location of each picture, choose a font for the lettering and numbering that will be added to the announcements. Print several copies of the announcements when you are finished. 

Mail Or Hand Out The Announcements

If most of the recipients live several miles away, mail the announcements to them. Purchase envelopes and stamps and look up each recipient's address so that you have a list of the addresses when you are ready to prepare the envelopes. If any of the invitees live in your neighborhood and you or your child see them on a routine basis, hand-deliver the announcements.

For more information, contact your local custom graduation announcement supplier.